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ATA Programs

A brief of various USTA programs is listed below.  For information on how to join any of these programs email us at ata@alabamata.com or call (205)328-3984 

USTA Schools Tennis 

  • Reaches over 6 million elementary school children annually
  • Schools receive free instruction for their physical education staff
  • Schools are assisted in receiving free tennis equipment

USTA Junior Team Tennis 

  • Team competition that teaches fun, friendship & fitness
  • For more information contact Phillip Wiley at lpwiley@yahoo.com

USTA Local Excellence Training (LET) sites 

  • Local training & development facility registered with the USTA
  • Registration requirements include certified instructors as well as member of the USTA, along with sport science level 1 test completion
  • LET is accessible by highly motivated junior players at the local level

USTA Competitive Training Centers (CTC) 

  • CTC's bring together the 20 best players, ages 11-14 - located in Birmingham & Montgomery
  • CTC training averages 10 training days per year
  • CTC training includes certified coaches, sport-science, drills, match play

USTA  League Tennis - Adult Team Leagues

  • See leaguepage.

Volunteer Opportunities 

Give back to the game you love!  Many USTA Programs are administered at the local level by volunteers, and the USTA is always looking for a few more good ones.   Whether you are interested in being a USTA Team Tennis coordinator or assisting with administrative projects, a full range of volunteer activities exists depending on your time and availability.  Call the ATA Office for more information (205)328-3984 or email us at ata@alabamata.com

College Player Profiles

ATA Junior Players can obtain college tennis scholarships through the USTA Collegiate Database!  Just by filling out a Player Profile Form and sending it to the USTA, your name becomes added to the database that college coaches use as an aid for their recruiting.  Contact the ATA office or Dede Allen, at the USTA-Player Development office, 7310 Crandon Blvd., Key Biscayne, FL 33149 (305)365-8782 for more information on the USTA Collegiate Database or Player Profile Forms.