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USTA League Tennis is the world's largest recreational tennis league providing organized, structured team matches for all ability levels. Approximately 500,000 players compete nationwide, with over 124,000 adult and senior players coming from the USTA Southern Section and over 13,000 players in Alabama. The program is open to women and men 19 years of age and older and features a local, state and sectional championship and culminates in a national championship in each skill level (NTRP levels 2.5 - 5.0).

Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced player, this program has a spot for you. There is no better way to have fun, make friends and compete than USTA League Tennis.

Championship Dates for 2018 (tentative)!

Championship Dates for 2017

Local League Coordinators

Adult League committee

2017 Invitational 65 & Over Combo and 55 & Over Mixed Champions

2017 USTA League 55 & Over Champions

2017 USTA League 40 & Over Champions - Auburn

2017 USTA League 40 & Over Champions - Pelham

2017 USTA League 18 & Over Champions 

USTA League Regulations

Should you have any further questions about this regulation change,  contact Ruth A. Bendall (205-541-1397 or rbendall7@gmail.com). 

2017 USTA League National, Southern, and Alabama Regulations

Local Grievance Form

Local Grievance Appeal Form


Protocol for filing a Self Rate NTRP Grievance

Experienced self rate guidelines

NTRP General Characteristics

NTRP Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Appeals

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Medical Appeal Form

Attending Physicians statement


2016 Combo Champions Photos

2016 65 & Over Champions Photos

2016 Tri Level Champions Photos

2016 Mixed Champions Photos

2016 18 & Over Champions Photos

2016 40 & Over Champions Photos - Auburn

2016 40 & Over Champions Photos - Pelham

2016 55 & Over Champions Photos

2016 55 & Over Mixed, 65 & Over Combo Champions Photos