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Safe Play Course & Background Check

All JTT Program Coordinators must submit to USTA National's background check and complete the Safe Play online course.

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Basic Coordinator Responsibilities:


Junior Player Ratings

What Level Should a Child Play?

The National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP), which defines the characteristics of a player's level, is the official system for determining the levels of competition for USTA Junior Team Tennis. 

Beginner:  0.0 - 2.7

Intermediate:  2.8 - 3.4

Advanced:  3.5 +

NTRP Characteristics  

How to Find a Junior Rating

Junior Ratings FAQ

Check a player’s rating:  https://tennislink.usta.com/TeamTennis/Main/FindAJuniorRating.aspx


USTA Southern 2021 additional rules to USTA National JTT Regulations for advanced level players:

  • All players with a JNTRP of 3.5 or higher or a Southern standing inside the range listed in the table below must play in the Advanced division.
  •  The March 9, 2020 standings lists will be used to players who must play advanced. 
  • Please note that March 9 standings lists are being used considering these were the last lists published before the suspension of play due to COVID-19. 
  • 18U - 1 to 300 must play ADV in any JTT age division 
  • 16U - 1 to 300 must play ADV in any JTT age division 
  • 14U - 1 to 300 must play ADV in any JTT age division 
  • 12U - 1 to 150 must play ADV in any JTT age division 
  • 10U - 1 to 75 Only applies to 10u JTT division 

This search page is for the 10s-18s Age divisions and will return a player's standing in the appropriate Age Divisions as of mid-March, 2020.  Check a player’s ranking:




  • Invite Coach/Captains to participate in your program
  • Have a meeting with participating Coach/Captains to decide on best days/times to schedule program and inform them of play and scoring formats, rules and regulations, and fees
  • Create Program in TennisLink
  • Assist Coach/Captains with registration


  • Remind Coach/Captains to contact each other with number of players who will participate in the match
  • Remind Coach/Captains of the home team to enter scores within 48 hours of match completion 
  • Verify online score entry


  • Identify areas of growth and/or decline and brainstorm action plans for rewards and/or incentives with State Coordinator
  • Ask for feedback from Coach/Captains on their experience
  • Coordinate with Coach/Captains to help their teams advance to a championship event


Grants & Financial Aid

  • Apply for a grant when the opportunity arises
  • Encourage Coach/Captains to apply for a grant when there is an opportunity
  • Inform Coach/Captains of available financial aid for players who meet the criteria

Team Tournaments/Team Challenges

USTA Team ChallengeUSTA Junior Circuit, and Team Tournament Pilot are new programs offering low pressure team environments for children of all ages to gain match experience. These experiences help players develop their skills through level based play, and demonstrate good sportsmanship.

These programs and their supporting resources will help you deliver a fantastic introduction to the sport of tennis to youth all over, which can lead to a lifelong love of tennis from the very first play opportunity!



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Please click the file below for an explanation of Championship and Non-advancing JTT Tracks.

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