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USTA Alabama Junior Competition Committee
Responsible for studying all junior activities and making recommendations on all policies and programs relating to junior tennis.  Coordination of special events relating to junior tennis.  Selection and functioning of junior waivers.  Solicitation of sites for USTA Southern and USTA Alabama championships.
Chairman:  Jay Weinacker
Committee Members: 

Joc Simmons Huntsville, Jack Standifer Bhm, Raphaela Lima(New member) Anniston, Jessica Weyreuter (New member) Montgomery, Ben Bradshaw (Montgomery), Steve Faulkner Bhm, Clete Browder Tuscaloosa, Tomas Catar Fairhope, Travis DeBardelaben Auburn, Jimmy Weinacker Bhm, 

Non Voting Advisors: Geoff Waring, Scott Novak

Staff Liason:  William Fain-Director of Junior Competition 

USTA Alabama League Committee
Chairman:  Martie McEnerney
Committee members:  Tony Tumlin, Sharon Dobbs, Megan Cooper, Jeannie Harrell, Jeff Burns, Meg Crowe

Staff Liasons:  Ruth Anne Bendall
The USTA Alabama League Committee is responsible for the organization and administration of Adult League Tennis Programs throughout the state.

USTA Alabama Grievance Committee
The Grievance Committee shall be composed of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and one other person, all appointed by the President, with the approval of the Executive Committee.  This Committee shall be responsible for enforcing the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and all the rules and regulations of the USTA and STA, which are adopted by the ATA as a State Association of the STA, and for monitoring and enforcing the standards of good conduct, fair play, and good sportsmanship.  However, all grievance and grievance appeal actions arising out of USTA, USTA Southern or USTA Alabama Adult League programs will be administered according to appropriate USTA Regulations. The Grievance Committee shall establish specific operating procedures for administering all grievances filed with USTA Alabama, except those arising out of USTA, USTA Southern or USTA Alabama Adult League Programs.

Ben Bradshaw - Chairman
Melissa Young, Steve Faulkner, Lorraine Novak, Joc Simmons

Awards Committee
This committee is responsible for determining award recipients at USTA Alabama's annual meeting
Barbara Ernest, Margaret Nicholas
Staff Liason:  Jerrie Burns

Diversity and Inclusion Committee
This committee is responsible for developing program awareness, new initiatives and program continuity which shall substantially grow minority participation amon recreational and competitive players, coaches, volunteers, industry professionals and administrators, regardless of race, sex, economic background or religious preferences.
Evan Enquist, Karensa Perkins, Gerald Henderson