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2009 USTA Alabama Committees

USTA Alabama Junior Tennis Council
Responsible for studying all junior activities and making recommendations on all policies and programs relating to junior tennis.  Coordination of special events relating to junior tennis.  Selection and functioning of junior waivers.  Solicitation of sites for USTA Southern and USTA Alabama championships.
Chairman:  Jimmy Weinacker
Staff Liason:  William Fain
Committee Members:  Geoff Waring, Joc Simmons, Scott Novak, Paul Theosen, Flip Phillips, Eph Walker, Travis DeBardelaben, Rob Dunn


USTA Alabama League Committee
Chairman:  Martie McEnerney
Committee members:  Tony Tumlin, Sharon Dobbs, Kristen Pfeffle, Jeannie Harrell, Jeff Burns, Meg Crowe
Staff Liasons:  Jerrie Ciza, Ruth Anne Bendall
The USTA Alabama League Committee is responsible for the organization and administration of Adult League Tennis Programs throughout the state.